Dr Alec Wortley - Cars Page

Dr Alex Wortley's Rover SD1 with red and blue stripes circa 1975, used whilst running W Controls in Leicestershire.

Dr Alec Wortley's 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I. Very smooth and comfortable but only 12-14 mpg!

Dr Alec Wortley's Ferrari Daytona did exactly what it said on the tin - easily. Tried and tested at 175 mph! A brilliant piece of automobile engineering!

Dr Alec Wortley's Ferrari Boxer. Very fast with a flat 12 engine and great number plate for a Boxer!

Dr Alec Wortley's Lotus Carlton, the superb fastest saloon car of its day. Alec was stopped on the M6 with son Richard James one day, but the speed was not recorded luckily!

Dr Alec Wortley's fast Volvo estate. Alec took a trip to Scotland in this to install a fish barrier - an excellent motor.

Dr Alec Wortley's Ferrari F355. A very nice car with superb performance to boot.

Dr Alec Wortley's last Ferrari, the 550 Maranello. This beautiful car is pictured on the forecourt at H R Owen in London.

Alec Wortley with the same car as above.

Dr Alec Wortley's MG Montego Turbo. Alec had a great drive whilst working as Engineering Director of GEC General Signal Ltd. of Boreham Wood, while still living in Stourbridge.

Dr Alec Wortley's Bentley, used to transport the entire team to 5 a side football games between 1979 and 1981: Superb comfort and performance!

Dr Alec Wortley's youngest son Richard James, with Alec's Jaguar XJ Saloon.

Dr Alec Wortley's ZZR1200, an excellent bike but following an accident Alec decided to give up motorcycling.

Dr Alec Wortley with his wife Nong and the first of three Mercedes Estate cars.

Dr Alec Wortley's first Mercedes E Class Sport. Very economical 2.4 litre diesel and a reliable, excellent workhorse.

Dr Alec Wortley's second Mercedes Estate car.

Dr Alec Wortley's current Mercedes Estate car. The number plate reflects Alec's interest in the works of Chinese author Mo Yan.

Dr Alec Wortley's most recent Mercedes Estate car.

Dr Alec Wortley's E Class Estate model S300 BlueTec Hybrid. Dec 13 - Jul 14.

Dr Alec Wortley's E Class S300 BlueTec Hybrid dashboard showing 65mpg.

S300 BlueTec Hybrid voted "Car of the Year 2014" (Source: Professional Driver Magazine)

Dr Alec Wortley's S300 BlueTec Hybrid. Dec 14 - Current.

The S300 BlueTec Hybrid has been voted "Professional Drivers Car of the Year 2014" (Professional Driver Magazine) and is not only economical at 60mpg, but also affords a very luxurious driving experience. I only have one minor complaint and that is the indicators are virtually silent. This problem is potentiated by the fact that it is possible to adjust the steering wheel to be in such a position where it blocks the view of the indicator lights. Since some owners of this car may have reduced hearing ability, it would be very good for Mercedes to provide an option for a volume control for the indicators to prevent any possible errors caused by inappropriate signalling.

Dr Alec Wortley's IAM Certificate.