Dr Alec Wortley's Pictures - Family and Workshop gallery!

Dr Alec Wortley presenting his highly successful electrofishing equipment.

Dr Alec Wortley in an autogyro at RAF Cosford..

Another shot from RAF Cosford.

Laura carries out pre-flight checks on an Italian Magni gyro, the first in the UK.

Dr Alec Wortley learning to fly a Meccano set at Flagler Beach, Florida, 1983. The owner of this machine, Bill Parsons, sadly passed away some years later in a tragic accident involving mechanical failure of the machine.

Dr Alec Wortley at home.

Dr Alec Wortley with a tiger cub in Thailand.

Dr Alec Wortley with his wife Nong on their honeymoon in Phuket, southern Thailand, April 2008.

Dr Alec Wortley's with his mother looking like he just joined The Mafia! But it was a lovely sunny day.

Dr Alec Wortley with his second youngest son John Michael, who assisted with the development of this website.

Dr Alec Wortley's pet Foxy the fox cub.

Dr Alec Wortley's Harlequin Great Dane Bella.

Another shot of Bella.

An electric fishing machine designed and constructed by Dr Alec Wortley, having just been used for electrofishing pike.

Dr Alec Wortley with Electrafish colleague Paul.